A Legacy of Values


Mataguay Scout Ranch

The classroom of Scouting is the outdoors.  Mataguay Scout Ranch is a state-of-the-art education facility incorporating the beauty of our natural surroundings, the history of the Matagual Valley and the best in outdoor adventure.  By the you arrive at the Copley Greeting Center you can tell this camp is something special.  The Family Camp includes the “On My Honor” Flag Plaza, the remodeled greeting center with meeting facilities, playing fields, family-based campsites, family residence cabins, BB gun and archery ranges, and an RV park. Please see here for the results of an important survey to determine the most important improvements to be made at Mataguay.

Passing Mountain Man Meadow, you discover the Western Center.  The barn that John Traenor ran his cattle ranch from nearly a century ago is now home to our horsemanship program.  Adjacent to the barn a large riding arena, dozens of corrals and teaching stations provide the base camp, nearby horse trails link riders to miles of scenic riding.

As you arrive at the end of the camp road, you pass into the Leadership Retreat Center, once the homestead of John Traenor centered around the historic adobe.  The center includes meeting rooms, dining facilities with kitchen, and four dormitory style buildings to house a total of over 120 people.  Available for church or corporate retreats, outdoor education programs and others both inside and outside of Scouting, this facility provides all of the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.  The grounds include a volleyball court, horseshoe pits, outdoor amphitheater, picnic areas and other small group gathering places.  Nearby the two COPE courses provide opportunities for team building and personal development.  The Traenor Adobe maintains a true sense of history while incorporating meeting facilities and 2 apartments for VIPs.

Mataguay Scout Ranch has a year round creek, which provides ample water to support the camp in all seasons.  Living up to the ideal of leaving no trace, Mataguay Scout Ranch will incorporate green technology in all construction.  In addition, the camp will begin energy harvesting in an effort to come “off the grid.”  The new nursery and tree farm will serve as a learning center for Scouts learning environmental and botanical skills and also as a way to continue to ensure the long term beauty of Mataguay and eliminate the impact of invasive species.  Gabions and check-dams will ensure the longevity of Lake Dan Henry, the upper lake, and the eventual restoration of the lower lake near the family camp.  Continued trailbuilding and reconstruction will reduce the erosion of our landscape caused both by use and by nature.  With the camp completely self-sufficient we can ensure that Scouts for years to come will have a world-class camp to enjoy.

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